CIRS/Mold Biotoxin Illness

Are biotoxins the root cause of your health issues?

Biotoxin Illness or mold sickness is a multi-system inflammatory response to the exposure of biotoxins affecting the entire body. Biotoxins are hazardous organic substances usually found in water damaged buildings, that can cause significant damage to your health. Chronic illness only occurs in about 25% of the population that have a specific gene that prevents their bodies from being able to naturally detox from these toxins. Instead these toxins live and circulate in the body, triggering chronic inflammatory immune responses.

Symptoms of CIRS/Mold Biotoxin Illness

Exposure to mold and other harmful biotoxins produces a variety of symptoms.  These toxins can wreak havoc on virtually every system in the body. The symptoms of Biotoxin Illness/mold sickness appear similar to other common conditions, including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Here is a list of other symptoms often associated with biotoxin illness.

Treating Biotoxin Illness

 Due to the complexity of symptoms associated with biotoxin illness, a systematic evidence-based approach should be taken to evaluate and treat this illness. Dr Dersam follows Dr. Neil Nathan’s Protocol when working with patients who have biotoxin illness

Diagnostic Testing

We use the latest in cutting-edge diagnostics to discover if you have biotoxin illness including blood markers, genetic tests and mycotoxin urine analysis


Once we have the diagnostics in place we will help guide you to test your environment for the source of mold to create a safe space to live and heal.

Treatment Plan

Once the source of biotoxins has been identified and removed we will begin a specific protocol tailored to your illness to begin treatment.

Healing and Recovery

Medications, either naturally or pharmaceutically, can help repair the damaged systems in the body. This is done in a very targeted and systematic way.

I think I may have mold biotoxin illness. What do I do now?

If you suspect you have biotoxin Illness and are looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor who is knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating mold illness, reach out to our office today to book your new patient appointment.

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