Dr. Dersam’s annual membership fee provides you with a strong focus on preventative care, comprehensive family medical history, one annual physical, a plan for future health maintenance, and all your healthcare needs from colds to chronic disease management, and even minor sutures. What’s more, Dr. Dersam maintains a detailed Electronic Medical Record of your care that is available to you upon written request. Her annual fee also allows Dr. Dersam to provide unhurried and lengthy medical appointments, customized health plans and much more.

Yes. Your private health insurance will cover the cost of lab tests, X-rays, specialists, emergency care, hospitalizations and other services. While having private health insurance is not mandatory to receive care from Dr. Dersam, it is strongly recommended due to other healthcare providers continuing to operate in this fashion.

Absolutely! Dr. Dersam provides the same extraordinary level of care for all of her patients, including Medicare beneficiaries. In fact, she has opted out of Medicare specifically to always assure each and every patient receives the care they need. Dr. Dersam’s patients place a high value on her care for them and she gives all of her patients the time and attention they deserve, regardless of their insurance. In the traditional way that you may be familiar, your Medicare insurance will cover lab tests, X-rays, specialists, emergency care, hospitalizations and other services.

Dr. Dersam will remain your personal physician and work closely with hospital staff to coordinate your care.

Yes, she is. That’s part of what your membership covers. Dr. Dersam is easily reachable via phone after office hours for an urgent matter.

Dial 911, then call Dr. Dersam. She can provide important medical information from your records that will be helpful to your emergency medical staff. She will also be able to coordinate follow-up visits and assist in developing a plan of treatment.

Dr. Dersam will refer you to medical and surgical specialists as she deems necessary for your continued care. Additionally, she will communicate with specialists at your request to help you understand and make wise health care decisions.

Absolutely. You have the right (with prior written notice) to access your medical records so you can inspect or request copies. Of course, Dr. Dersam will maintain confidentiality of your medical records as required by law.

Your initial meeting and interview with Dr. Dersam is free! During this time, we will find out a little about each other and together decide if you would benefit from joining my practice for your own personalized health care. Not all applicants are invited to become members of Dr. Dersam’s practice. However, if an invitation to join is extended to you, the next step to becoming a member is through the payment of your membership fee. You have the freedom to pay annually or in monthly installments.

*All new memberships with monthly payments require an initial fee, then monthly payments will begin 30 days later. There are discounts available for paying the full year and ‘family’ discounts for joining with your spouse.

Get the Personalized Healthcare You Deserve!

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