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about_us_imgCheri Dersam, M.D. grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and earned her bachelor degree in Biochemistry and her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Arizona. She completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at Texas A & M/Scott & White Hospital in Texas. She practiced emergency medicine for 7 years and then established an urgent care for 9 years with 2 other emergency physicians. During this time, she enjoyed seeing many neighborhood patients on a regular basis. She was routinely asked if she could be a patient’s primary care doctor. After considering this, Dr. Dersam decided that if she were to function as a primary care physician, she would go about it in a totally different way. By this time, she could see that patients were getting sicker with increasing heart disease and diabetes and receiving less care from their doctors. It was then that she decided to learn a better way to provide medical care.

She enrolled in and completed a 2-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. It was here that she met Andrew Weil, M.D. She studied the curriculum that he initiated to help change the direction of medical care. Dr. Dersam is one of few M.D.’s officially fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. She will soon be board certified after taking the newly established board certification exam in May of 2017.

Dr. Dersam was most recently on staff as one of two physicians at the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center www.ihc.arizona.edu that closed its doors in July 2016. She says, “Our approach to healing the patient was different than any other clinic in town. We took the time to explore with each patient their goals and challenges with their health. We strived to meet each patient’s individual needs. Then we designed a team-oriented approach to healing that resonated with patients who had felt abandoned by traditional treatments.”

Dr. Dersam loved her work and her patients. “We closed our doors only because the current system of reimbursement does not adequately fund this type of medical care. I regret that we left a waiting list full of patients still to be healed. We also left an active roster of patients with whom we had truly engaged and empowered to change their health for the better.” “My goal in establishing my own clinic is to continue the work that we started at the UAIHC. Patients deserve a doctor who knows them, takes the time to explore fully their concerns, health status and goals. Over and above this, I think my patients deserve a physician that strives to stretch the boundaries of current medical thinking to provide the most up to date and individualized care possible.’

Dr. Dersam aims to continue that same model of medical care at the IMCA, Integrative Medical Clinic of Arizona, PLLC with a more personalized approach. She will only be accepting 300 patients so that she can take the time to expertly care for each one of them. She will alternatively see selected patients on a consultation basis by appointment, but member patients will take priority.

In just over a year of opening her Integrative Medicine clinic, Dr. Dersam was recognized as one of the Top Doctors in Integrative Medicine by Phoenix Magazine in 2018.

If you would like a physician that takes the time to know you, your concerns, goals and health challenges, then call today for an appointment at 480-766-3586. Click here for further information about her personalized membership care.

Dr. Dersam’s qualifications:
• Fellowship trained at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine – University of Arizona College of Medicine
• Current fellow in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
• Board Certified and Residency trained in Emergency Medicine at Texas A & M/Scott & White Hospital
• Medical Degree from University of Arizona College of Medicine
• Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from University of Arizona

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