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Rising healthcare costs and decreased reimbursement payments have created an environment where most primary care physicians are forced to see 30 to 50 patients per day. This makes it virtually impossible to establish strong relationships and serve the needs of patients. You have most likely felt the end effects of these changes with rushed medical appointments, lack of focus on your concerns and overuse of pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms, but not actually fix the cause of your condition.

Dr. Cheri DersamWe have a better solution.

The Integrative Medicine Clinic of Arizona is committed to focusing on you and thoroughly addressing your health.

Our physician, Cheri Dersam, M.D., is trained in both Traditional and Integrative Medicine. This allows her to fully address your health concerns today and reduce your risks for health problems in the future.

She takes the time to listen to your concerns and turn the focus back to you.  By fully exploring your past and present health, nutrition, activity and lifestyle and utilizing conventional and innovative lab testing, she will explore the root cause of your health concerns. She will also investigate genetic risk factors that can predict the likelihood you may develop conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease and certain cancers.  Dr. Dersam will then recommend a health promotion plan personalized to you. This will include balancing your nutrition, digestion, activity, stress, sleep, hormones, and adjusting medications as needed.

Because we do not participate with any insurance company contracts, this frees us from all of the time-consuming administrative hassles and we can spend more time with you. This translates into more time with the physician and allows us to offer you a team approach to your healthcare. This team includes a physician, nutritionist, health coach and acupuncturist with the addition of a chiropractor, psychologist and/or other alternative therapists as needed at discounted prices.

Choose a primary care physician who has time to listen to your concerns, is highly trained and offers an effective treatment plan that is personalized to you.

If you are ready to take charge of your health, join our membership practice today or book a free 20-minute consultation appointment by calling us at (480)766-3586.

Integrative Primary Care

Primary Care

Choose a personalized primary care physician who has time to listen to your concerns, is trained in traditional and integrative medicine and offers a comprehensive treatment plan that is personalized to you.

Consultation for Specific Medical Problems

Consultation for
Specific Medical Problems

Abdominal pain, fatigue, joint pain, headaches…Dr. Dersam will consult with you regarding specific health concerns that have not been fully addressed in the past.

Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing

Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Are you feeling moody, irritable, have hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, losing weight, losing libido or have “foggy brain”? These are some of the signs of having a hormonal imbalance. Bio-identical hormone replacement may help you feel better.

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