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Due to the Coronavirus: COVID-19 Pandemic, Integrative Medicine of Arizona office will be closed. We are moving all in office face-to-face appointments for the foreseeable future to an online video format. This is a great way to continue to serve our patients, while keeping ourselves and our community safe. When scheduling an appointment, we will email you instructions on how to use this new online format which is as easy as using Skype or FaceTime.

* For my concierge patients, I am, as always, available for your medical needs. I will handle most needs by phone or video, but know that I will see you in the clinic if needed using heightened precautions and pre-screening of patients.

I remain available to address gastrointestinal, autoimmune, hormonal, metabolic and cardiovascular issues by video appointment and will continue to accept new patients at this time.

Contact our office with questions or to book an appointment at
(480) 621-8638. Please stay safe and healthy during this time!

integrative medicine of arizona

Dr. Cheri Dersam, MD provides personalized integrative primary care that changes lives for the better by addressing the root cause of your medical concerns in a nurturing environment where patients are heard, healed and empowered.

By accepting a limited number of patients Dr. Dersam can spend more time with her patients, deliver higher quality care that affect a patient’s health in mind, body and spirit

Dr. Dersam has a range of consultation and effective treatment packages to provide comprehensive solutions for some of the most complicated conditions she sees 

Functional Medicine determines HOW and WHY illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease that is tailored for each individual Dr. Dersam works with

The Power of Personalized healthcare

Are you tired of receiving subpar healthcare? Are you worried because it feels like your physician is more interested in prescribing medication than in your actual health? Do you want more from your healthcare than rushed doctors’ appointments?

We know that a life of great health and wellbeing requires a medical approach that’s personalized and tailored to meet the exact need of every patient, and because of this, we have created a health care system that focuses on treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. We go to great lengths to get to know you personally. We ask the right questions, conduct cutting-edge testing and most importantly we truly listen. By fully exploring your past and present health, nutrition, activity and lifestyle and utilizing conventional and innovative lab testing, Dr. Dersam will explore the root cause of your health concerns.

Whether you have a chronic condition or are looking to become a better version of yourself, we will support you in pursuing your health goals. Together, we’ll work with you to develop strategies for achieving total health and wellbeing including balancing your nutrition, digestion, activity, stress, sleep, hormones and adjust medications as needed.

Smart Medicine

Because we do not participate with any insurance company contracts, this frees us from all of the time-consuming administrative hassles and we can spend more time with you. This translates into more time with the physician and allows us to offer you a team approach to your healthcare. This team includes a physician, nutritionist, health coach and acupuncturist with the addition of a chiropractor, psychologist and/or other alternative therapists as needed at discounted prices.

Choose a primary care physician who has time to listen to your concerns, is highly trained and offers an effective treatment plan that is personalized to you.  If you are ready to take charge of your health, book a consultation appointment by calling us at (480) 621-8638

What Our Patients are saying

"I was overjoyed when I found Dr Dersam had her own Clinic. I had been under her care at another Integrative Health Clinic. The care and attention from Dr Dersam and her staff is some of the best I have had since moving to America I can recommend this facility to anyone who wants to feel that they really matter and their health is of prime importance."

Jenny G

Meet Dr. Dersam

Hello, I’m Dr. Cheri Dersam. I am trained in both Traditional and Integrative Medicine, and my goal is to help my patients experience health care in a brand-new way. The Illnesses we have and the pains we feel don’t just appear out of the thing air, their causes are rooted in our lifestyle choices.

In order to ensure that my patients receive care that’ll truly work for them, I start by taking a close look at your medical history and discussing your daily routines before coming up with a holistic health care plan. I find that by doing this, I am able to fully address your health concerns today and reduce your risks for health problems in the future.

The Institute for Functional Medicine
Phoenix Magazine 2019 Top Doc Integrative Medicine Cheri Dersam MD
Phoenix Magazine 2018 Top Doc Integrative Medicine Cheri Dersam MD
American Board of Integrative Medicine Dr. Dersam


We offer multiple services that focus on helping you achieve your best health

Autoimmune Disorders

Using specialty lab testing to find the root cause of illness allows us to create a plan to help heal the body against autoimmune diseases

Discover the true root cause of your digestion issues and receive a personalized treatment plan to finally start getting  your life back

Metabolic Disorders

In treating a metabolic disorder through Integrative Medicine, we will look at your nutrition, lifestyle and use supplementation when needed 

Prevent or even reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline with the Dale Bredesen ReCODE Protocol

When hormones are out of balance, BHRT can help with a wide array of  symptoms, both physical and emotional

Experiencing abdominal pain, bloating, or diarrhea you may have SIBO. Test for SIBO and begin your treatment plan to heal your gut.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States. We will work with you to help prevent heart disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Food Sensitivities/Allergy Testing

Often times the root cause of your issues can be food l related. We will identify those foods and design a plan to begin your healing process


Enjoy the benefits of  acupuncture as part of an overall treatment program for some chronic conditions delivered in a quiet, nurturing environment

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