Personalized Membership Care

By accepting a limited number of patients who pay a retainer fee, Dr. Dersam can spend more time with her patients, deliver higher quality care and offer a unique approach to her care that incorporates all aspects that affect a patient's health in mind, body and spirit. Compared to many concierge-type medical practices in the area, our fees are more reasonable than most. Even more important, you receive expert care from an M.D. who is also fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine and Hormone balancing. She regularly utilizes and can interpret specialized lab testing to explore, in depth, your risk factors for chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.  Dr. Dersam will plan a course of prevention and treatment for you to lower risks, improve your resilience to disease and help you feel your best today.

What do I get with my membership fee?

During the year, you will be able to attend, at no cost, up to 3 informational classes covering topics such as: healthy eating, making fitness fun, mindfulness based stress reduction, the benefits of regulating heart rate variability, weight loss, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, sleep hygiene, and cooking classes. Other considerations will be aroma therapy, secrets of healthy skin and meditation. We will also offer services at a discounted cost such as Acupunture, Muscle and Tension Massage, Meditation, Yoga and other possible services such as Reiki and Reflexology.