Uncover The Root Of Your Problems and Begin To Heal​

Since opening Integrative Medicine Clinic of Arizona, Dr. Dersam has noticed there are a few common health conditions that appear more in the patients she works with. This is why she has created a variety of unique consultation and treatment packages to better help her patient needs. These packages allow us to work closely with our patients giving them the best treatment possible to achieve the most successful outcomes.

What To Expect

Every package includes a 90 minute initial consultation during which Dr. Dersam will take a medical and lifestyle history and perform a physical evaluation. She will then be recommending special testing to uncover the root causes of illness that may not have yet been uncovered with a number of follow up visits depending on the conditions she is treating. She then will work with you and create and individualized program to start your journey to better health.

Get the Personalized Healthcare You Deserve!

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Are you struggling with health issues and looking to live a healthier life? Dr. Dersam and Integrative Medicine of Arizona can help you. Contact our office and we will set up a FREE 20-minute online Zoom meeting with Dr. Dersam. Learn how Integrative and Functional Medicine can help get to the root cause of your health difficulties. We are using in home lab testing to safely get you the answers you need. Start your journey to better health today!