Boost Your
Immune System

Supplements help boost your body’s ability to fight off infection. Here are the immune-boosting supplements that Dr Dersam recommends:


Liver ProtectXymogen or Liver Support by Dr. Mercola: 1 cap twice a day. N-Acetyl Cysteine is the precursor to help your body make glutathione, a potent anti-oxidant that rids your body of toxins and increases immune function.

K2 with Vitamin D3

Ortho Molecular: 1 cap/day – helps modulate immune response and activate T cells to fight off invaders. If you have symptoms of infection, take 2 caps/day=10,000IU x 7 days.

ZINC 30mg

Pure Encapsulations: 1 cap/day for prevention, 2 caps/day if ill. Zinc helps boost the T cell immune response to invading organisms and helps heal the lining of the gastrointestinal system.

VITAMIN C - 1,000mg

Klaire Labs: 1 cap twice a day – antioxidant, boosts immunity, helps stimulate white blood cells to target viruses.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

OrthomegaOrtho Molecular or Nordic Naturals – 2000-3000mg/day of omega 3 fatty acids: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant. Omega 3’s help boost immunity by increasing activity of B cells that engulf invaders.

Vitamin E – Tocotrienols

Annatto-E – Designs for Health: 2 caps/day – anti-oxidant that helps fight off infection. Patients with low Vitamin E levels have been shown to have a decreased immune response.

Probiotic with increased diversity

Megaspore Probiotic – 1 cap/day – Because a large portion of your immune system exists in the Gastrointestinal System, a healthy gut flora leads to a healthy immune response. Increasing microbial diversity will improve resilience against infectious agents.

Oil of Oregano

Candibactin AR – Metagenics: 1 cap twice a day – antiviral, antimicrobial and immune support. CandiBactin-AR® features concentrated essential oils from red thyme and oregano blended with other herbal extracts from the aromatic mint family

Phosphatidyl Choline

CDP-CholineKlaire Labs: 2 cap/day – Choline is necessary to maintain healthy cell membranes and for optimal brain health. Low choline levels have been linked to decreased ability to fight infections and worse outcomes for those who are ill.


Ortho Molecular: 2 caps/day, up to 10/day if ill – a combination of nutrients, elderberry and medicinal mushrooms that help boost your immune response.

Innate Immune Support

Pure Encapsulations: 2 caps/day – combination of medicinal mushrooms to support your body’s natural immune response.

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Or you may find similar supplements at your local health food store

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