2 weeks before:

  • No antibiotic treatments or antibiotic supplements at least 2 weeks prior to the test.
  • You may not have a colonoscopy or a barium study within 2 weeks prior to the test.

2 days before:

  • No fiber
  • Probiotics

Day before:

  1. You must avoid foods listed below AND follow pre-test diet for 12 hours before step 2 (8am – 8pm day prior)

  2. For 12 hours prior to test, you may not consume anything by mouth (8pm the night before the test until after the test is completed)

Day of test:

  • Test is 3 hours long. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a book or computer to occupy yourself if you wish.

  • Do not use toothpaste to brush your teeth today – use only water with a new, unused toothbrush or do not brush your teeth
  • You may take your usual daily medications with water the morning of the test.

At least 1 hour before the test:

  • No Smoking, including second hand smoke
  • No sleeping or vigorous exercise

During the test:

  • You may drink water
  • No gum, hard candy or mints

If you are not able to complete ALL of the above instructions, you will be required to reschedule your test.

* If you have diabetes, please be aware that the glucose given during the test may cause a slight spike in your blood sugar, which should dissipate rapidly during the test period. You do not need to change your diabetes regimen just for this test (but simply be aware of the blood sugar spike). 

Food You CAN Eat the Day Prior to the Test

(from 8am – 8pm the day prior)

As we age our hormone levels change which can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) replenishes the hormones your body needs to function to its fullest. BHRT utilizes medications that have the same chemical formula as those made naturally in the body. They are referred to as “bio-identical” hormones and are chemically identical to human hormones. An imbalance in hormones can cause fatigue, sleep problems, depression, low sex drive and more.

  • Baked or broiled chicken or turkey (salt and pepper only)
  • Baked or broiled fish (salt and pepper only)
  • Plain, steamed white rice. (You may cook the rice in broth for added flavor)
  • Eggs
  • Clear chicken or beef broth
  • Black coffee (no cream or sugar)
  • Unsweet tea
  • Water

* If you are vegan or otherwise unable to eat the foods listed, you may want to fast for 24 hours before the test to ensure the most accurate results.

Food You CAN NOT Eat the Day Prior to the Test

  • Grain Products: pastas, whole grains (including cereal & toast), bran.

  • Fruits: fruit juices, applesauce, fresh fruits, canned fruit, raw or dried fruits.

  • Vegetables: vegetable juices, potatoes, alfalfa sprouts, beets, green/yellow beans, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, corn, any canned or fresh vegetables.

  • Nuts, Seeds, Beans: All nuts, seeds, beans as well as foods that may contain seeds.

  • All Dairy products except eggs: Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter.

  • Meats, Pastas, corn or products that contain corn: deli meats, packaged meatballs or meat patties​

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office at 480-621-8638

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