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Personalized Membership Care

By accepting a limited number of patients who pay a retainer fee, Dr. Dersam can spend more time with her patients, deliver higher quality care and offer a unique approach to her care that incorporates all aspects that affect a patient’s health in mind, body and spirit. Compared to many concierge-type medical practices in the area, our fees are more reasonable than most. Even more important, you receive expert care from an M.D. who is also fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine and Hormone balancing. She regularly utilizes and can interpret specialized lab testing to explore, in depth, your risk factors for chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and she will plan a course of prevention and treatment for you to lower risks, improve your resilience to disease and help you feel your best today.

What do I get with my membership fee?

  • Integrative and Traditional medicine
  • Unhurried appointments
  • 24/7 phone access to your physician
  • Same and next day appointments
  • Yearly comprehensive physical - see below for more details
  • Unlimited sick visits
  • Individualized health plan tailored to you
  • Use of advanced lab testing to address lifestyle and inherited factors
  • Bio-identical hormone balancing for women and men
  • Yearly evaluation and guidance from a licensed dietician
  • Health Coaching for optimal exercise, stress and lifestyle management
  • One Acupuncture treatment
  • Discounts on alternative treatments to enhance your health
  • Choice of health information classes to attend throughout the year

istock_80335379_large-minDuring the year, you will be able to attend, at no cost, up to 3 informational classes covering topics such as: healthy eating, making fitness fun, mindfulness based stress reduction, the benefits of regulating heart rate variability, weight loss, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, sleep hygiene, and cooking classes. Other considerations will be aroma therapy, secrets of healthy skin and meditation.
We will also offer services at a discounted cost such as Acupunture, Muscle and Tension Massage, Meditation, Yoga and other possible services such as Reiki and Reflexology.

Yearly health exam and goal setting:

You will receive a thorough yearly health exam including an EKG if age appropriate and an in-depth exploration of your past medical history, review of your current health and medications, diet, exercise, your sleep quality, your energy, lifestyle, emotional support system and stress levels. Each one of these factors affects your health.

Specialized Lab testing available: Dr. Dersam will recommend the exploration of your nutritional status, hormone levels, gastrointestinal or gut health, environmental insults and inherited factors that may be negatively influencing your health. She will work with you to decide how far you would like to explore and order baseline and specialty lab tests as deemed necessary (lab costs not included in membership.)

Plan for your health:

web-pic-healthy-choices-board-istock_82585819_large-minDr. Dersam will then take the time to fully explain all lab and test results. She will summarize where you stand with your health and work with you to forge a plan to attain your goals and achieve your best health today and in the future.

Each year you will set goals for continued and/or better health. Through our team and Dr. Dersam’s network of complimentary health providers, we will guide and encourage you so that you see and feel the success of your efforts.


Invest in your health:

There is no better investment you can make than in a primary care physician who really knows you and uses all medical modalities to achieve your best health.

Signing up to be a member patient:

If you would like to schedule a free 20-minute appointment to discuss the membership further

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Free 20 minute appointments will be available in December if you would like more information about the membership, practice and other questions answered. You will be able to sign up during this appointment. Please call (480)766-3586 to set up an appointment.

You will need to schedule a separate medical appointment to discuss health questions, exams or prescription refills.