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Every Heartbeat Counts: Unveiling the Future of Heart Health with Cleerly

Did you know that every 1.7 seconds, someone dies of cardiovascular disease? It’s a statistic that’s as startling as it is sobering. And yet, what’s even more surprising is that over half of these heart events come without warning. Imagine, for a moment, if these individuals had a crystal ball, a glimpse into their cardiovascular future. Could we change the narrative for them?

At Integrative Medicine of Arizona, we’re pushing beyond traditional methods by embracing the latest in medical technology with Cleerly’s heart scans. This cutting-edge tool provides a proactive look into heart health, moving us from simply reacting to heart issues to predicting and preventing them. Cleerly’s scans do more than show pictures; they give us a deep analysis, helping us spot potential heart problems before they become serious, demonstrating our dedication to advancing heart health care.

A New Lens on Heart Health

Let’s take a closer look at the heart, beyond metaphors, straight to its core with Cleerly’s heart scan analysis. This isn’t just any test; it’s like having an ultra-clear map of your heart’s pathways. Thanks to coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) and the latest AI technology, we now have the ability to detect plaque buildup in the arteries with unmatched clarity and precision. This breakthrough goes beyond simply offering high-resolution views; it’s a game-changer that sheds light on the often unnoticed early signs of heart disease. Armed with this detailed information, Cleerly helps us create customized care plans for each patient, enabling us to prevent heart disease from developing further.

Cleerly Heart Scan Analysis

What makes Cleerly stand out is how it’s changing lives with tailored approaches to heart health. It goes beyond just finding heart disease—it helps us act early to prevent serious problems. It is basically a non invasive computerized angiogram. This technology is showing amazing results: patients are feeling confident about their heart health, making lifestyle changes easily, and potential heart attacks averted. This method is changing the way we think about heart health, aiming to greatly lower heart disease risk in a way that’s personalized for everyone.

The Spectrum of Plaque: Identifying Hidden Risks in Heart Health

Unlike traditional calcium scoring that focuses on calcified plaque, Cleerly’s approach lets us clearly identify both hard and soft plaque buildup unlike any tests that are available now. Dr Peter Attia talks about this technology in this video. This transition from a traditional reactive stance to proactive, precision-based cardiovascular care allows for the identification of risks that calcium scores may overlook. This helps us target the silent but significant threats posed by plaque before they escalate into emergencies.

Plaque, in its various forms, constitutes the core challenge in predicting and preventing heart disease. Not all plaque is immediately dangerous, but the presence of non-calcified plaque, in particular, signals a higher risk of sudden cardiac events. Cleerly excels in identifying these hidden risks, enabling us to pinpoint the early warning signs of heart disease. This insight is crucial, as it allows for early interventions that can dramatically alter a patient’s health trajectory, offering a chance to address potential issues before they manifest as life-threatening conditions.
With Cleerly, we’re able to anticipate future heart health, enabling both patients and doctors to make informed decisions to keep the heart healthy over time.

Your Heart's Path Forward: A Partnership with Cleerly

At Integrative Medicine of Arizona, we’re deeply committed to your heart’s health. By offering Cleerly’s advanced heart scan analysis for our concierge members, we’re taking a big step towards a future where we actively prevent cardiovascular disease rather than just responding to it. This move underscores our belief that knowing the current state of your heart health empowers you to make choices that lead to a healthier future.

At Integrative Medicine of Arizona, we are both committed and passionate about embarking on the heart health journey with you. With the latest in medical technology at our disposal, we can work together to chart a path to a future where every heartbeat signifies the success of personalized, proactive care. Our collaboration with Cleerly doesn’t just offer a snapshot of your heart’s condition; it gives us a detailed guide to help inform your health decisions moving forward.

To learn more about how this forward-thinking approach can change your heart health story, please get in touch with us at Integrative Medicine of Arizona. Let’s embark on this journey to explore all the possibilities for maintaining and enhancing your heart health, step by step, towards a future where your heart’s vitality is always the main focus.

Dr. Cheri Dersam

Dr. Dersam is board certified in both Integrative and Emergency Medicine and fellowship trained in Functional Medicine. Dr. Dersam focuses on a personalized approach that empowers each patient to achieve optimal health in mind, body and spirit.

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